In the early 18th Century, several Beef Steak Clubs began to spring up in Europe. They were part members’ club, part secret society and all based around the wonder and marvel of beef steaks. These clubs were frequented by actors, artists, men of wit and song, noblemen, royalty, statesmen and great soldiers. The entry requirements were extremely stringent, and the waiting list only seemed to grow.

Patrons considered themselves to be down-to-earth men of the people and would attend wearing simple clothes and rugged leather boots. They saw beef as the sustenance of the nation. Members wore a ring with a picture of a gridiron and the words ‘Beef & Liberty’. They were in stark contrast to the flamboyant and effeminate Macaroni Club, formed by rich young men freshly returned from the Grand Tour, who became associated with outrageous costumes and foreign food.

If you’d like to start your own Beef Steak Club (which we would be happy to host and support)
Here are a few guidelines:

The Club admits no more than 22 brethren in one sitting, everyone else (including the Prime Minister of Singapore) will be put on a waiting list


  • During ancient times, the payment was via a whip. Rules have been reluctantly diluted and
    substituted with cash or credit card instead. However, a whip will be displayed for posterity’s sake

  • Members are generally referred to themselves as “The Steaks”

  • Members will nominate a Captain from amongst their Brethren for the session who will be referred
    to as “Porterhouse”. The Porterhouse will control the whip and give orders to the floor staff

  • The toast at each session is “What´s said at Steak Club stays at Steak Club”

If you would like to be a part of this club or wish to enquire further then email at